Preliminary course for Security Guards

Compliant with the provisions of Annex D, point 1.e of the Decree of the Ministry of the Interior n. 269/2010 e s.m.i.


Annex D to Ministerial Decree 269/2010.

The Supervisory Institute takes care of the theoretical preparation and training of security guard employees, before their entry into operational services, organizing theoretical-practical training courses lasting at least 48 hours.

The training courses are divided into theoretical and practical lessons and must pursue the following objectives:

  • a) knowledge of the rules that regulate the activity of private security and security guard duties, as well as those relating to workplace safety;
  • b) knowledge of the requirements and theoretical-practical learning of the operational techniques for the execution of the services;
  • c) knowledge of the company organization and description of the methods of organizing the various types of services;
  • d) in-depth knowledge of the provisions of the T.U.L.P.S. in matters of private security;
  • e) r implementation regulation and related decrees as well as provisions issuedby the Police authority;
  • f) notions of law and criminal procedure with in-depth analysis of the regulatory aspects relating to the legitimate use of weapons, carrying, transport, use, custody and possession of weapons
  • g) notions of constitutional law;
  • h) professional ethical aspects;
  • i) sector collective bargaining labor legislation;
  • l) attendance at shooting ranges which allows for the issue of a pistol and/or rifle license and the acquisition of operational technical knowledge relating to the use, handling, care and storage of weapons;
  • m) in the training of security guards intended for anti-robbery services, as well as transport and escort of valuables, in addition to in-depth knowledge of the technological equipment supplied, the lessons must be organized in such a way that from the analysis of some news events concerning crimes against property that have occurred, the techniques and strategies to prevent or adequately combat criminal actions are illustrated.
    Preliminary course for Security Guards

    This course, is delivered in MIXED mode (frontal + E-Learning) and is dedicated to aspiring Security Guards.
    The training course is developed on numerous teaching modules which summarize the individual objectives indicated by the standard, as well as on in-depth and the study of some important topics, through the
    download of documentwhich you will find at the end of some modules.

    In compliance with regulatory provisions, the entire educational path has the following duration:
    48 HOURS of frontal and distance learning, theoretical and practical, including the final intermediate tests Another
    7 HOURS of study individual, through the analysis of download documents.

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